WHO Omicron Deaths, WHO Says No Deaths Yet From omicron Variant

The World Health Organization announced today that there has not yet been a single death as a result of the omicron virus. The WHO is standing by its earlier report, which stated that all reported cases of the omicron virus are mild and self-limiting.

When asked if the WHO planned to alter its grading system given that individuals with weaker immune systems may be more at risk for developing fatal complications from infection with the disease, the organization replied that the new grade “oo” should in no way be considered less severe than original “O” grade, and that using terms like “mild” was insufficient to describe such a potentially deadly disease.

Well this is good news for the readers, the WHO (World Health Organization) just released that there have been NO reported deaths from the new omicron variant yet. This of course is great news for everyone in the Capital Wasteland, but it is also good news for trade routes between major cities and military positions since they were on high alert with soldiers wearing masks and practicing drills.

The WHO has recommended all global citizens be vaccinated against the virus, which at this time cannot be cured. A vaccine is being developed, but it will take approximately six months to create a mass vaccine available to the public.


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