Who is a Maritime Attorney and What does a Maritime Attorney do?

Maritime attorneys deal with various maritime law issues. These attorneys know the law and how to apply it to each particular case in a very skilled manner. In the simplest terms, a maritime attorney is an attorney who specializes in dealing with legal issues that arise at sea. Since our society has been moving toward a globalized economy, we now have more maritime activities.

What is a maritime attorney?

A maritime attorney is an attorney that has specialized training in the laws concerning maritime commerce/navigation/shipping, etc. Section: Maritime attorneys work on cases where maritime companies are being sued or are being charged with a crime related to their business.

A maritime attorney is a lawyer who specializes in maritime law. The definition of maritime law is any law related to the sea, ocean or waterways. Maritime attorneys are specialists because most lawyers do not deal with this specific area of law. It is also common for them to work with a team of other professionals in order to assist their clients. Some things that can be handled by a maritime attorney include:

– Maritime commercial transactions like international shipping transactions

– Maritime contracts between two parties

– Maritime injuries and death claims

– Maritime insurance matters such as liability, coverage, claims and loss prevention

– American marine labor laws, which relate to all seaman from owners to fishermen and crewmen on ships A maritime attorney can help his or her client with any matter regarding the water where shipping might be involved.

Anyone who has an interest in anything that has to do with marine vessels, marine engines or the ocean will have reason to work with a maritime lawyer at some point or another. For example, you might need legal representation if you’re a member of your ship’s crew who was injured in an accident.

North Carolina is a maritime state and if you are ever embroiled in a maritime dispute, it is prudent to enlist the services of a maritime attorney.

In other examples, you might seek legal advice if you’ve suffered an injury while working on a fishing boat or if you want help buying real

How do I choose an appropriate maritime attorney?

The maritime field is a highly competitive industry. Customers are always looking for the best service that they can possibly get, and the companies that provide these services are offering an ever-increasing amount of it.

These companies often separate themselves from others in their market by making large investments into properly training their employees and providing the safest possible workplace.

These investments lead to a workforce that is highly competent and capable of meeting the needs of their clientele. You will want to hire an attorney who can help you navigate this legal field with ease.

Just knowing it is necessary to hire a maritime attorney does not necessarily guide you in how to effectively choose the best lawyer for your needs. That’s because, a curious thing occurs when someone becomes involved in lawsuits: emotions tend to run high, and people naturally look for the best lawyer they can afford.

This may be very sound logic, but it can also lead to undue haste or even overlooking some details that might matter a lot to your case.

Complimentary consultation with a maritime lawyer

If you want to show your audience that their questions are important, offering a free consultation can show them that. You will also get valuable information about your audience’s opinions as well as other industry information.

The maritime industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy, with nearly two thirds of all cargo in international trade being carried by sea. If you are working in this sector and want to move your company on to the next level, you will need advice. Let our team of solicitors help you with your maritime law needs!

Canada seafarers may be surprised to learn that despite the number of maritime lawyers in the country, many don’t have experience working with professional mariners. Maritime law tends to apply more to commercial than recreational ships and so there is a gap in understanding of this area amongst most Canadian lawyers.

By consulting with a maritime lawyer who understands ships and their operation, you can be confident of developing an effective legal strategy.


There’s no disputing that the life of a maritime attorney is an interesting one. They may defend large corporations or individuals from shipwrecks, or they could be working on maritime product liability claims, representing the victims and their families in court.

It’s easy to see why maritime attorneys have such a broad and intense focus on this particular industry. Although there are rules and regulations that must be followed, each case is unique—allowing you to be both creative as well as enterprising by seeking out new ways to reach your clients.

If you are involved in any maritime related case, it is imperative that you find a maritime lawyer to represent your interest. They have the knowledge, experience and skill necessary to defend your rights and interests in a court of law.


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