The Games Announced at The Game Awards 2021-Winners

The Game Awards 2021, the world’s first global awards ceremony honoring the best games of the year, is returning in 2021. Now hosted as a multi-week series of events with ticketed live broadcasts on Twitch, The Game Awards will also be open to all with a streaming option, accessible via Facebook and YouTube.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Holiday season! We are all waiting for Christmas, when we will all be together with our families and enjoy amazing food. But it has long been a tradition, and this year is no different, with the Game Awards airing just after Thanksgiving!

The Game Awards are one of the biggest award shows on the year. It’s a chance for developers to celebrate their success together as well as announce brand new games that we want to play RIGHT NOW. The Game Awards 2021 pulled in over 2 million viewers, and broke a number of streaming records. The awards show had a lot of other surprises in store, from a number of late-breaking announcements and reveals, to a few heartwarming awards for games long in the tooth.

What games were announced at the Game Awards 2021?

Well, that was one heck of a party. With all the celebrities, music and booze, you’re probably wondering what games were announced during the Game Awards 2021. You might think that this was just a small thing. After all, it is only 2021. But guess again. The game world has been buzzing about certain announcements made at the event. Here’s what was announced:

A flurry of award announcements were then made:

League of Legends won Best Esports Game

In an excellent start to the esports year, League of Legends has won Best Esports Event at The Game Awards 2021. The winners were announced during the awards’ show held in Los Angeles. In a category which also featured The International 2021 and DOTA2’s The International 2021, League of Legends ultimately won out with its Worlds tournament.

League of Legends won Best Esports Game
             League of Legends won Best Esports Game at Game Awards 2021

It Takes Two won Best Family Game

The Game Awards hosted some of today’s and yesterday’s best video games. While many good games were nominated, It Takes Two took home the top prize. More interesting than anything, however, is how It Takes Two didn’t take any time to gather negative attention. Instead, it took everything in stride with all its integral gameplay mechanics, each one working in tandem with the other to produce a profoundly fun experience.

In conclusion, there is no other game that deserves the award more than It Takes Two.

Guilty Gear Strive won Best Fighting Game

Guilty Gear Strive, a fighting game released in 2021, won the best fighting game award for TGA 2021. The game features high-end graphics and is packed with exciting features that includes a story mode, character backgrounds, and soundtrack.

Age of Empires IV won Best Strategy Game

I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with this. That’s fine, but I stand firm in my opinion. Age of Empires IV is the best strategy game on PC. I know Sid Meier’s Civilization series gets a lot of attention and love for conquering the 4X genre, but I think its last real entry was Civilization V – and that was 5 years ago.

Age of Empires II HD had a similar impact as Civ V’s release – but it has been quite a while since we have seen a new entry to the series. Total War isn’t a bad alternative either, and Civilization can be played more casually than Total War if you so choose. Its recent take on the historical strategy genre saw many give up on the franchise, and others complain that it strayed too far from its roots.

Elden Ring won Most Anticipated Game

Elden Ring is (the) Game Awards most anticipated game for the second year in a row. I’m not here to recap the show, though! I’m here to discuss whether or not this accolade is deserved. Is Elden Ring, an upcoming Action RPG developed by From Software and published by Warner Bros, truly worthy of being the most anticipated title at The Game Awards this year


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