The Five Best Coffee Cities In The United States

Are you a big coffee drinker? Would you like to visit a city where the culture is all about coffee? In fact, the city you choose to live in may depend on how important it is for you to always have the freshest, most flavorful cup of coffee.

If you live in one of the cities listed below, you probably love a fresh cup of joe and could even be considered a role model for your town’s coffee connoisseurs. Check out these six cities that have been rated as some of the best places to get your daily cup of coffee.

1. Seattle, WA

Seattle is pretty famous for its coffee culture, so you’d be mistaken to not visit the city’s first ever Starbucks store, which is still serving coffees from opening in 1971. Before you visit the first Starbucks, head just nine blocks away to the 15,000-square-foot Starbucks Roastery – a self-proclaimed Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for coffee-lovers.

Seattle is pretty famous for its coffee
                         Seattle is pretty famous for its coffee

Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks. With that being said, it stands to reason that Seattle has some of the best coffee in the country. In fact, according to a recent survey, Seattle is also one of America’s most stylish cities for coffee.

2. Portland, OR

Portland is the city of coffee, with the skyscraper-filled downtown surrounded by the eclectic neighborhoods that make up Portland. The city is wrapped with a laid back feel and local flair, which are inherited from its liberal attitude. The relaxed atmosphere carries on in the local coffee shops such as Portland Roasting Company, where customers can enjoy their home-brewed ales and ciders while sipping on a cappuccino or even an espresso.

Portland is the city of coffee
  Portland, DeepMeta.Shared.Country: Barista coffee shop in the Pearl District of Portland Oregon.

3. San Francisco, CA

If you’re a coffee lover like I am, you’ll love the coffee and cafe scene in San Francisco. From Willy’s to Blue Bottle (google them), or from Dutch Brothers to Philz, the city is filled with unique cafes and tastes. To start your journey, read on!

San Francisco's coffee scene
                         San Francisco’s coffee scene

San Francisco’s coffee scene is rich, vibrant, and vast. It spans almost one hundred years of the citys history. From the San Francisco Coffee Company (known today as Coffee Manufactory) which was founded in 1912 to help keep soldiers awake to specialty coffee roasters and cafés like Four Barrel , Ritual, Blue Bottle , and Verve , there is a lot to take in when visiting this historic, thriving metropolis.

4.Brooklyn, NY

Although I have to admit I have tried some of the best coffee in the country, I still think that some of the best coffee comes straight out of New York City. So when my family and I were coming back from a road trip last weekend upstate, we decided to stop by NYC for the night. One thing we wanted to do was try out as many coffee shops as possible.

brooklyn ny coffee shops
                           Brooklyn ny coffee shops

We even came here for dinner one night not just because of how incredible their truffle Mac & Cheese was, but also because it was a coffee shop. Be sure you don’t miss any of these top coffee shops in Brooklyn if you are ever travelling through this city!

5.Minneapolis, MN

If you’re seeking a bit of calm in your city break, Minnesota is your place! Minneapolis is a major US city with urban vibes and an outdoorsy atmosphere that contrasts nicely with the hectic atmosphere of some other cities – like the bustling-with-life New York City.

               Minnesota isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of incredible coffee

Minnesota isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of incredible coffee. In fact, there’s an outdated stereotype that the state is mostly full of lutefisk-munching luddites who talk funny and only drink stale coffee. When faced with the idea of traveling to Minnesota, most people would probably conjure up images of Garrison Keillor, lederhosen, and Vikings football instead of hipsters in chambray shirts.



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