The conjunction of the Moon and Mars took place on December 31

On the keep going day of 2021, on December 31, it was Luna s Mars They will abandon one final cosmic occasion that can’t be missed. Luckily, it won’t be important to have an exceptional instrument to appraise it. tell you.

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During the evening of December 31 and in the early morning of the following day, January 1, 2022, it will give the idea that the Moon and Mars will be “kissing” on account of a peculiarity known as combination.

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In such manner, Henry Thrupe, a space expert in the Department of Planetary Sciences at NASA He clarifies: “You can envision the nearby planet group as a circuit, where every one of the planets is a sprinter in its own path and the Earth toward the focal point of the arena.”

The planets appear to “converge” and adjust consistently with one another in the planetary group. In particular, space experts call a nearby planetary combination, National Geographic says.

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This would have been the combination of Venus and Jupiter on August 12, 2 BC, and is seen from Arabia looking east before first light.


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