Colombian Judge Uses ChatGPT to Expedite Decision Involving a Minor


A Colombian judge recently made headlines after utilizing the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT to expedite a decision regarding a minor. The judge declared that all information provided by ChatGPT had been fact-checked for accuracy. However, the decision raises important questions about the use of AI in the legal profession and whether or not it is … Read more

The Surprising Side-Effect of Antidepressant Use ‘Emotional Blunting

The Surprising Side-Effect of Antidepressant

Antidepressants are meant to help us feel better, but a new study has found that they may have an unexpected side-effect: emotional blunting. Emotional blunting is a term used to describe the experience of feeling disconnected or numb to emotions. It can be a troubling side-effect, as it can make it difficult to feel happiness, … Read more