Bank of England base rate: The UK’s interest base rates go up by a quarter point to 4.25 percent.

The UK's interest base rates go up by a quarter point to 4.25 percent

The Bank of England has raised the benchmark interest rate of the United Kingdom to 4.25% in response to higher-than-expected inflation and positive indications of the country’s economy. This decision was made by the Monetary Policy Committee following an unexpected acceleration in price growth in February. The increase marks the 11th consecutive rise in borrowing … Read more

Early Retirement Detour: UK Government Pushes for Return to Work

A group of middle-aged people standing in front of a career opportunities board.

Are you over 50 and recently retired from the workforce? The UK government may have a way to get you back in the game. According to reports, the government is considering offering a “midlife MOT” to middle-aged retirees in an effort to boost the economy. This MOT would assess finances and job opportunities, with the … Read more