Kitten Lost On Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve, a young woman named Mary was wandering in the woods looking for her lost kitten. As she was looking, she saw a strange light coming from deep in the woods. She followed it, and found an old man surrounded by presents. He said that he was Santa Claus, and that he had gotten lost on his way to deliver presents to all the children in the world. Mary helped him get back on track and he gave her an enchanted ring that could grant any wish she wanted.

Could grant any wish she wanted. In the morning, Mary woke up and realized that she had no idea what she wanted to wish for. She put the ring on and suddenly she saw her kitten. She picked it up and ran to her house. She went to her mother and said, “Mom, Santa Claus came to my house last night and gave me a magical ring that can grant any wish I want. What do I wish for?”

Her mother looked at the ring and saw that it was a ring of wishes. She asked Mary what she wished for. Mary answered, “I don’t know.” Her mother said, “It doesn’t matter what you wish for. It’s Christmas. I want you to have whatever you want for Christmas.” Mary went to her room and wished for a blue pony. Her mother went to Santa Claus and asked him for a blue pony for her daughter.

The next day, Santa brought a blue pony. The family was so happy that they could hardly stand it. Mary was so happy that she wanted to wish for something else. Her mother said that Santa had already brought her a blue pony, and she could not wish for another one. She said that she would be happy with the blue pony she already had.

The same night, Mary’s father was driving home from work when he saw a beautiful white cat sitting on the side of the road. He stopped to help the cat, but the cat was very cold and weak. He took it to the vet and the vet said that it was the only cat in the entire city that was sick. He said that it would die in a few hours unless it got a new kidney. The vet gave the cat a shot of medicine and told him to go home and wait for him to call.

The next morning, Mary’s father went to the vet’s office and waited for the doctor to call. While he was waiting, he started to think¬†about what he could do to help the cat. He went to his office and came back with some warm milk and some dry cat food. He went to the vet’s office and gave the cat the milk and food.

The cat was so grateful that it purred and rubbed up against his leg. The vet called and said that the cat was doing fine. He said that it would take a few days for the cat to get used to the food, but it would be fine.



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