How To Make Friends And Enjoy A Working Holiday in Berlin

When you think of Working and enjoying Holiday in Berlin, you might imagine wild parties and free-flowing booze. However, what if the party lifestyle isn’t for you and you just want to travel and work in a fun, vibrant city? In this Article I’ll teach you how to make quality friends abroad and enjoy a working holiday in Berlin.

Germans aren’t known for being warm, or friendly, but this time I’m standing up to defend them. The working holiday visa policies that have been in effect since 2003 have allowed countless individuals to live and work in Germany. From Brisbane to Vancouver, thousands of people move over.

Berlin is the hip and happening city with a cutting edge technology scene. Everybody wants to spend some time in Berlin, and also lots of people extend their stay in this amazing city.

Enjoying the city can make finding content much easier

Working in another country is a great opportunity to see a new culture and live like the locals. The German capital is the third biggest city in Europe, so it’s a good place to work, to have an adventure and to enjoy a different way of living.

Berlin is a fun city. The city is illuminated by the lights and the nights are young. It’s an awesome place to be at any time of the year and you can definitely enjoy it during those long, winter months when others would be longing for summer to arrive. There are tons of great places to enjoy Berlin and make best friends, who would also later help you write content without being obliged to.

Go to bars and clubs between the hours of 9pm and midnight

It’s a truth of the universe that having good friends is one of the best things about living in Berlin. If you’re reading this as someone who’s never been to Germany’s capital, let me tell you; it’s true.

There are a few things you need to understand about the clubs in Berlin. First of all, as in any city, you’ll mostly find locals here. People who live and work here. They don’t come here to party every weekend, they are not tourists and they don’t do drugs – they work hard and go out to party when they want some fun and friends.

Also, in general, people go out late at night to perform social activities – not just because of the music and alcohol.

Get out of your comfort zone and make new friends

Friendly and outgoing people have a great life. They have lots of friends, they get invited to parties, get great jobs and enjoy their everyday-life more than others. All of this because they are friendly people and like to make new friends. But what if you are not this kind of person? What can you do to become more social, talkative and make new friendships?

The thought of making new friends in a bustling city like Berlin can be a scary one. It’s easy to feel out of place – you don’t speak the language, your 1000-year-old frame doesn’t fit well in Berlin’s spaces, and it seems that everyone you meet is on the fast track to success. But never fear, there are ways to make friends here (without having to pretend to enjoy techno music and pretending that you are 25 when you’re 45).

Go to work events also

It’s not just about meeting different people, it’s also about meeting potential peers that you can do things with.

Most people think that making friends at work is impossible. I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, so I decided to do some research. My research led me to find out that the reason we don’t make friends at work is because we simply don’t try hard enough and more importantly, we have the wrong approach.

After giving this subject some very serious thought, I found an answer which was very simple: If we want to make friends at work, you should start doing things with your colleagues outside of the office.

Go to public events

If you’re new to Berlin, it can be difficult to break into the city’s social scene. One of the best ways to meet people is attending public events. Here are some tips for doing that successfully.

Want to make friends while on a working holiday in Berlin? The good news is that it’s really easy to meet new people. Whether you’re enjoying a pint of Erdinger in the Rosi or partying the night away at Watergate, go to public events and make use of keywords like “Meetup”, “Open House” or “Public Event”.

You will encourage conversation with like-minded expats, discover awesome events and improve your German language skills.



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