How to increase website traffic with pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks that can help you to increase traffic to your website. There are three main strategies for Pinterest: learn how to use it, make your content visual and include pins in your blog posts.

Pinterest allows users to pin interesting images on their digital bulletin boards and organize these images into various categories. These categories, known as boards or pins, have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and not just with women.

In fact, a recent article by Jeff Bullas listed “Creating Boards: 10 Insanely Effective Ways to Use Pinterest” with some great ideas for business owners to get started with Pinterest. If you are not familiar with pinterest and want to learn how you can use this platform to increase your website traffic then keep reading this article!

Pinterest is more than an image sharing community. It could be the traffic source you need to grow your business and sales.

How pinterest can increase your website traffic

The site has 150 million monthly active users and over 100 million unique visitors per month (source). That’s an average of 70,000 visits from Pinterest to a website every second (source).

The content is highly-relevant. People on Pinterest tend to be interested in anything visual. That makes it an ideal place for your brand to engage with its target audience in a meaningful way.

Pinterest users are highly engaged. According to one survey, 79% of Pinterest users are more likely to make a purchase after liking or following a business on the site ( source ). Another study revealed that 82% of Pinterest users spend money on items they’ve pinned ( source )!

Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ combined ( source ).

If you have a blog, you’ll want to do this often. Cosponsoring a contest or giveaway with another site in your niche is one way to do it. Make sure to include a link back to your site when you’re promoting the contest — and make sure your contest and giveaway pages link back as well. Having other bloggers link back to your site will help drive more traffic to your site in the long run.

Get involved in a community board

Some people use Pinterest purely for fun — they don’t even have their own business sites. Search for community boards related to your niche, then get active on them. If you can contribute consistently over time, you’ll be seen as an authority figure in that niche and will start attracting more followers and website traffic.

According to Pinterest’s website, users can also connect with other people who share similar interests through the social network. This allows users to see new ideas from others who have similar tastes and find out about new trends before they hit the mainstream.

Where do I start my campaign?

The easiest way to increase traffic from Pinterest is to treat it like any other social network. You want it to be fun for the users and for them to feel like they are having a good experience. Follow people who are interested in your niche and make sure to comment on their boards and pins when relevant.

Also, don’t forget about interactions off of Pinterest as well. Comment on blog posts, answer inquiries and keep your fans engaged on social media.

Use Your Company Hashtag

Setting up a company hashtag is one of the best ways to increase traffic on Pinterest because people use hashtags the most when they search for something new or interesting. If you have an active company hashtag that people use when they talk about your brand, then you are going to have more traffic coming in just because people will see it being used more often and click through to view what all the buzz is about.

Build a community of engaged followers

If your goal is to increase website traffic with Pinterest, then you need people to engage with your pins. You can’t just drop some links on your boards and hope they go viral. People want to see content they care about; they want to be inspired by brands they like and trust.

Find ways to engage your audience by repinning other pins, commenting on them, asking questions or answering them in the comments section.

Make boards relevant to your business

First of all, you need to make sure that your Pinterest page is correctly connected to your website. When you click onto the pinned image on your page it should take you back to the original site. If it doesn’t, then you should check the settings of your Pinterest account.

The most important thing you can do when looking to increase traffic from Pinterest is to make sure that your boards are relevant to your business, and that they contain a healthy amount of images. You want the content on your boards to be visually appealing, so it will entice people to comment or repin. This is how the magic happens and how visitors start coming back for more!

You also want to make sure that you’re putting time into pinning new content regularly. Don’t be afraid to use hashtags when pinning images and adding descriptions with links if the photo is relevant.

Lastly, don’t forget to repin relevant pins from other people’s boards too! This is a great way to get more followers by interacting with other accounts and showing them that you appreciate their content!

Respond to other people’s pins

Pinterest users love to share and pin content from around the web. Some of those pins come from their favorite blogs or websites. In order to get your blog posts pinned, you have to contribute back to Pinterest by pinning other people’s content – that’s how you build relationships and drive traffic to your website.

Add value before you ask for something in return. The aim is to help people first and promote yourself second. You can do this by sharing high quality images from other sites, especially if they match up with your brand. For example, if you run a children’s clothing store, be sure to share cute pictures of kids in their clothes. If you’re an author, use Pinterest as a way to promote your latest book.

Be active in the community. The more you engage with other people on Pinterest, the more likely they are to discover and follow your board. Start conversations by commenting on others’ pins and repinning interesting pictures that aren’t yours, but relate to your industry or niche.

Don’t just pin once – keep it up! If you pin one image and never do anything else on Pinterest, people will quickly learn that they don’t need to follow you because they’re not getting anything out of it. Keep posting new images regularly so people.

Best practices for pinning content

First of all, pin from original sources. Your followers will appreciate it if they know they’re not just seeing repins of other people’s pins.

Direct your followers to a landing page that has a form. Pinterest is a great traffic source, but it can be difficult to turn into a conversion. That’s why you should set up a landing page with a form, as well as an email list signup. You can then use the information from the form to send targeted emails later on in order to drive more sales or engagement.

Make sure that the page you direct traffic to has an offer that’s worth sharing and use social media to promote this offer regularly.

Connect your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter accounts. This way, you can let the users who follow you on these social networks know when you post something new on Pinterest.

Keep the content fresh, but not too frequent or too little. Pin interesting stuff every day, but don’t overdo it or people will grow tired of having their feeds crowded with your posts. Create enough variety in your feed so that people keep coming back for more.


Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool, which makes it very popular for online business. It gives you the ability to quickly locate products and content of interest. The site can be used by anyone with an Internet connection, so most likely you have thousands of people viewing your pinboards every day. What you post on Pinterest will attract more visitors to your website if done right.

If you had a website promoting a certain product or service and you wanted to increase the number of potential new customers coming to your site, what would be the best way to do it? You could spend money on television adverts. Or maybe on expensive newspaper ads or billboards. If you are in business long enough you probably have done at least some of those things already.

Here we have tried to cover as much information about increasing website traffic with pinterest. Now you know that Pinterest is becoming the next big thing in social media and it will eventually work for your site or blogs too. So go ahead and increase the number of pins for your website continuously.


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