How do I find the best funnel builder for an agency and marketing business?

We all need a funnel builder when we find ourselves in an ideal situation. If you want to build the best possible funnels for your agency and marketing business, though, you need to dedicate some time and mental energy to creating them.

The creation of a funnel is a difficult process that requires many steps. Creating a funnel, writing the content for the page, designing the page, and testing its effectiveness takes months.

A sales funnel captures leads into your business. It is not hard to set up but you will need to be prepared to spend time researching and planning it. The end result provides a controlled way for customers to purchase from you.

Creating a sales funnel can cost money. You may need software to create pages, design, graphics, format a pdf file, etc. You will likely also need to pay for: domain name, hosting, autoresponder software or you could pay someone else to do all of this if you are not a technologically savvy person yourself and you don’t have the time to learn and do the work yourself. Now that a lot is up to you and your budget. But just remember it’s an investment, something that will pay off in time.

The Platinum Upgrade from FunnelMates is tailored to help affiliates make consistent money by providing tools and strategies for scaling up their income. This upgrade provides $30 to spend on unlocking hot offers in popular products and guarantees a steady income stream for years to come.

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$30 FunnelMates Cash* Every Month

New funnels are added all the time, so you’ll definitely want to have FunnelMates cash on hand to unlock whatever you like… whenever you like .

You’ll have a constant supply of funnels in your account every single month like clockwork with your FunnelMates Cash account being topped up each and every month!

Exclusive Platinum Funnels

Up to $20 left over FunnelMates cash unlocks premium license to a funnel our team develops promoting that month’s HOTTEST offer (not available in the FunnelMates store)

$30 unlocks complete whitelabel licensing to your exclusive funnel, allowing you to clone, customise and sell a brand new funnel in a hot niche each and every month.

Create And Sell Editable Funnels In Our Marketplace

When you sell a whitelabel funnel your customer will be able to edit pages, add their own products, change the emails as if it was their own. They’ll happily pay extra because you’ve done a lot of the setup for them.

Transfer The Entire Funnel To Your New Customer

You’ll unlock the new ability to transfer ownership of the entire funnel you’ve created in exchange for hefty amounts of “FunnelMates Cash”

You set the price, whether it’s $100, $500, $1000 or even more and if people love the funnels you build, they’ll be lining up for more!

Publish An Unlimited Number Of Funnels

Regular members can create and publish a maximum of 3 funnels per month, whether they’re using them for personal use or listing in the marketplace. You’ll remove those limits and be able to create as many funnels as you like with this upgrade.

Heck, if you want to create 10, 20 or even 50 funnels, then you can!

There are NO LIMITS.

Remove Instant Funnel Activation Limits

Regular members can activate a maximum of 2 free funnels each month or an unlimited amount of paid ones if they have money to spend. You’ll be able to unlock as many free funnels as you want.

Click & Duplicate Your Funnels

If you want to make funnels faster this is your ticket. You’ll unlock a ‘clone’ button next to each of the funnels you’ve built allowing you to clone it, customized for a new niche or audience and list it for sale even faster! Duplicating funnels like this is one of the quickest ways to get high value funnels listed in the marketplaces faster as you’ll be able to list multiple funnels at the click of a button.

Letting you scale it to the moon!

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Creating a sales funnel is a fantastic start for businesses of all shapes and sizes. While you may have made all your templates, print outs and created your autoresponder there are still other things to consider. Very similar to businesses that have brick and mortar locations, you want everything at an arm’s length with nothing in between your customer and the ultimate goal of the purchase.

Consequently, marketing and the lead funnel are two key components that will help to achieve your ultimate goal.


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