Apple releases watchOS 8.4 with a fix for the charging bug

Recently Apple releases watchOS 8.4 with a fix for the charging bug, It appears Apple has finally solved one of the most common problems faced by its watch users – and is bringing them back to the original issue that was preventing them from wirelessly charging their phones and watches.

According to sources, iOS 14.5 brings out the next version of watchOS 8.4, and it fixes a bug in the system that prevented devices such as the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad from starting up in Airplane Mode. This means that you can still use your phone, tablet or Apple watch to perform the same tasks that we’ve all been used to doing on our respective devices.

We’ve reported about this on multiple occasions, but as always, the official details are unclear at best. However, according to reports, there is good news too – that Apple released watchOS 7.1 alongside watchOS 8.4 in September 2021, in time for the holidays.

Apple’s new mobile operating system also includes support for dual-SIM cards in addition to single-SIM cards, meaning that you can add even more personalization if you want to give your device two different options for how you charge it.

The report says the upgrade is not available for download currently, so if you don’t have it installed yet, look for an option that will allow you to update yours for free.
Apple’s official announcement included a few tips for downloading watchOS 7 and now a patch for the charging bug.

With over 100 million iPhones shipped worldwide, Apple’s mobile ecosystem is certainly quite diverse. There is no shortage of devices for every need imaginable. Whether you use watchOS on Galaxy phones, watch smartwatches, or just on Apple products such as the HomePod mini, macOS, and iPads, you can find something ideal for everyone, depending on how they are used.

You can buy or customize a lot of these things, but the fact remains that none of them are “happier” than an Apple product, like the iPhone, HomePod Max, and iPhone 12, to name a few. That said, all of them come with some trade-offs – like the lack of Bluetooth 5 support. But with the newly launched watchOS 7.1 (and hopefully later), that is now a thing of the past.

Apple’s latest model is definitely much better than the previous iteration and features a couple of other new features. One is that you can automatically adjust watch face colors based on whether it is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Other changes include the ability to turn off notifications when your app is open while on another device’s home screen.

If you ever felt the notification bar would pop up when you are using the same app on both types of modes, then that should be rectified, as this allows us to move seamlessly between watchOS apps.

Apple’s new watchOS platform includes access to cellular data thanks to the introduction of LTE 4G support.

The iOS 14.5 has brought a number of notable bugs to the spotlight, but the biggest one was probably the inability to make it work with USB drives. Thankfully, I believe that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPod Touch 5K are now compatible devices, and it could only take three generations to change this forever.

But until then, Apple seems content to let the software developers deal with any issues that arise rather than letting consumers of the OS decide what to do.


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