UK Declares State of Emergency as Deadly Omicron Coronavirus Outbreak nears

In the latest outbreak of the deadly Omicron coronavirus, UK Prime Minister James Strong declared a State of Emergency today. The British people are advised to stay indoors as a precautionary measure against contracting the disease, which has claimed over five hundred victims since it began spreading last month.

“This is still a pandemic in its early stages,” said Strong. “It’s vitally important that no one leave their homes until this outbreak has been contained.”

A deadly strain of a common virus has spread to the UK, killing thousands of people in Asia. The British government has declared a national state of emergency as the Omicron coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the country.


Tests from the World Health Organization have confirmed that the virus, which causes flu-like symptoms before causing respiratory failure and death within days, has spread to over twenty countries on various continents.


Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia have suffered the worst effects from the outbreak, which is believed to have started in southern China after a man traveled to Hong Kong via Thailand.


Health workers are on high alert as the coronavirus spreads rapidly through schools and hospitals. The virus has spread from its point of origin in Dorset, infecting thousands and killing hundreds.


The first case was reported two weeks ago, when a sixty-six year old man appeared at a local hospital suffering from pneumonia. He died only three hours after being admitted. Samples from his body tested positive for Omicron, prompting officials to begin tracking down anyone who had been in contact with him.

In an official statement earlier today, the Prime Minister confirmed that all available resources will be focused on containing and controlling the virus and minimizing its impact on British citizens. “We are facing an unprecedented situation here,” he said. “Our top priority right now is not just to save lives, but also to try and contain this virus before it can cause any more damage.”




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